Any Tampa business can be at risk of workplace violence or compromise, but FORTIS Investigation and Executive Protection can help you and your team prepare for the worst with our security consulting services.

Dangers happen unexpectedly, and when they take you and your staff by surprise, they can disable you from acting when it is most critical, only because you have are not trained how to perform in these situations. With our help, you can be prepared, lest the worst were to happen; as they say, it is better to be safe than sorry.

How Prepared is Your Staff?

Preparation with professional security consulting allows you and your team to be knowledgeable, assertive and efficient under any circumstance. When we teach ourselves how to behave in a critical situation, we are much more likely to handle the perils professionally with reduced stress levels, anxiety, and shock. How prepared is your staff at present?

Do your team members know what to do if your company is threatened by a firearm?

Do your employees know how to discern an employee who can be a potential threat in the workplace?

Does your staff know how recognize a competitor who is eliciting company information?

When we do not know how to act, our natural reactions can worsen the situation by doing the all the wrong things. Sometimes we must work against our natural reflexes to save ourselves, much like “steering into the skid.” Going through security consulting in Tampa is the key to staying calm under the pressure of the unexpected and to reducing potential damage.

What Kind of Security Consulting Does Your Company Need?

We understand that every industry in Tampa faces their set of dangers and potential loopholes for compromise. Our approach considers your firm individually. We analyze your business and consider what possible risks your company may face. We design security consulting specifically for you and your employees after assessing what you will require.

It is important for us to:

  • Evaluate your company and the procedures that you currently have in place.
  • Assess your security posture and gauge where the strengths and weaknesses are in your firm under various potential threats.
  • Implement the necessary training for your team.

Physical Safety and Protection

Some businesses are more attractive to active shooters than others. Security consulting can benefit Tampa organizations that are open to the public, and offices which are confined. The nature of your industry can put your business at risk for individuals attempting to or actively engaged in killing.

If your type of industry has been a target for such individuals, being prepared can save the lives of your employees, customers, or the general public. Active shooters are known to attack public places where many people gather, including areas such as:

  • Retail establishments
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Schools and colleges
  • Government buildings
  • Military facilities

Active Shooter Survival Training

If you are in charge of a company or organization in Tampa, security consulting can help to mitigate potential danger by preparing your employees. Preparation for physical safety and protection includes:

  • Spotting warning signs that could signify the approach of potential workplace violence.
  • Knowing how to act and who to go to when the signals become visible.
  • Knowing how to recognize the sound of gunfire.
  • Being prepared to respond to active shooting.
  • Knowing how to safeguard themselves from becoming a victim.
  • Having the skills necessary to direct customers and the public in times of danger.

Security Consulting for Your Company with FORTIS IEP

Many business owners and CEOs realize how unprepared they were only after a dangerous situation has occurred, but then it is too late to reverse the damage inflicted on your company or employees. It is best to consider security consulting as preparation for the worst when things are at their best in Tampa.

Being prepared will give you and your team peace of mind and the confidence to handle the unexpected. FORTIS IEP can train your team per the needs of your company. Call us at (727) 939-3074 for a complimentary consultation in Tampa.