Fortis IEP - Executive ProtectionExecutive protection should never be mistaken for body guarding. Fact: executive protection is based on advance preparations and planning, acquiring threat information, and coordinating with local contacts and authorities. FORTIS protection professionals know that brains and not brawn ensure that our clients remains safe.

Our specialists have applied these concepts while providing executive protection in the U.S. and overseas, for celebrities, foreign dignitaries, and presidents.

FORTIS brings the experience and expertise that very few companies possess.  When a Corporate leader, celebrity, or a businessman with large amount of valuables or cash, needs safe escort, FORTIS is the ideal choice.


Fortis IEP - Witness ProtectionFor crime witnesses and victims, often fear from the crime doesn’t end with the crime itself or the arrest of the criminal. Regrettably, a witness or crime victim may experience intimidation from their attacker or the attacker’s associates.

Criminals will go to any length to stay out of prison and use physical assaults, threats and other tactics to intimidate witnesses or victims and deter them from testifying in court.

FORTIS can provide discreet protection to ensure the safety of the witness or victim and that justice is served.

Fortis IEP - Vacation EscortWhether you decide to travel to a foreign land or to a destination in the United States, you want to have a relaxing experience. Many tourist locations hide their crime rates and incidents so tourism is not affected. FORTIS can provide you with threat information regarding your destination and train you in personal protective measures that you can apply to keep yourself, your spouse, or family safe.

If desired, FORTIS can provide you with a trained counterterrorism driver and protective security specialists with experience in domestic and overseas protection operations to make your trip care free.