Fortis IEP - Overseas InvestigationsIf you need assistance with overseas investigations, then look no further. At FORTIS IEP in Tampa, we are prepared to handle all of your foreign affairs. If you are seeking investigative aid then you probably already have enough to worry about. Let us take away some of the stress associated with your case by providing exceptional and knowledgeable service at an affordable price. Call us today for dependable, discreet, and trustworthy services in Tampa.

Why Hire an Overseas Investigator in Tampa

Individuals hire investigators for many reasons. What is important is that you select the right company for you that will perform overseas investigations with a high caliber of skill and discretion. At FORTIS IEP, we can provide you with assistance from well-traveled advisors. Do not give your money to a company who say they can simply travel with you. Instead, set your mind at ease with a well-known provider who has the experience and operations intelligence necessary to keep you safe, and who has lived abroad.

Our team will familiarize ourselves with the lay of the land in question and perform extensive background research before undergoing any of our overseas investigations. That being said, we can focus more on your needs and less on maps, language barriers, and destination challenges depending on what your requirements are. Individual consultations will ensure that we are on the same page when it comes to protecting you and making decisions in your best interest.

FORTIS IEP’s Various Investigation Services

Are you interested in investing in overseas companies? If you plan to invest outside of the United States, then you run the risk of facing fraudulent activity. We can verify the company and check their legal status, criminal records, reputation, profitability, registration, and more in their home country and in others.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing threat. If you have recently traveled and come home only to find that your identity has been stolen, we can aid you in theft identification. We can help determine who stole your identity, create a detailed report, and offer crucial advice for recovery.

International Assets

International assets can be quite difficult to discover on your own. We can aid you with handling overseas assets such as bank accounts or physical property, since going about this alone can lead to trouble. We can also run screenings on companies you face with mergers as they pertain to assets.


Infidelity is not something to be taken lightly. The unknown can seem terrifying, but we are here to ease your mind by uncovering the truth. We offer discrete investigations services in Tampa that will provide you with the facts. We can easily obtain photographs, video, and other forms of proof of infidelity so you can finally put the questions and uncertainty to rest.

Stalking and Personal Safety

Stalkers and predators are a daily threat to millions of people all around the globe. We make sure that stalkers are persecuted and kept from pursuing the victim any further. We work hard to ensure that former stalkers will keep their distance if you are visiting their country of residence. With our overseas investigations, you will be able to travel in peace and focus on what is important to you. Our investigators will privately scope out and prosecute predators with expertise and efficiency.

Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigations are complicated enough, but when you deal with them on an international level, it makes things even more challenging. Overseas investigations are extremely difficult to maintain and resolve through local law due to high volume and jurisdictional issues. However, we can join forces with your personal attorney in Tampa to ensure that your problems are resolved in a timely and professional manner.

Personal Background Checks

Many of our clients in Tampa approach us before marrying a non-U.S. citizen so that we can perform overseas investigations to make sure everything checks out. You may think you know someone completely, but it can be easy to hide a dark past, especially if he or she is from another country. Be sure to investigate before moving through with the visa process. As much as you love and trust your fiancé, it is important to obtain the entire truth before committing to a lifelong partnership. We can aid you with pre-martial checks that will allow you to say ‘I do’ with confidence.

Prevent Scams

Investment scams are found just about anywhere these days. False websites and companies provide an endless array of opportunities for you to lose money and even have your identity stolen. Call our Tampa office right away if you feel that you have been contacted by or involved in a scam so that we can verify with international due diligence.

New Hires

Are you looking into hiring abroad? We can help you authenticate your company candidates to make sure that your clients and business are protected. We can conduct background screenings and more for future employees, allowing your hiring process to proceed seamlessly.

How are FORTIS IEP’s Overseas Investigations Different?

Members of our overseas investigations team have lived and worked abroad in various locations, ranging from Africa to Asia, Europe, and South America. With our background in protective operations and experience in the field, we are confident that we can provide you with the information you seek. Do not spend large sums of money on unprofessional or inexperienced companies. We offer our clients a knowledgeable staff that is personable, easy to communicate with, and stays focused on your needs throughout the duration of a job.

If you are ready to move forward with overseas investigations and are seeking a reputable company in Tampa, call us today at (727) 939-3074. Our licensed private investigators are ready to help you dig up the facts, uncover the truth, and protect you at all costs.