Infidelity Investigations Tampa

The need for infidelity investigations can be tumultuous and undesirable, but if you have good reason to believe that your spouse or significant other is unfaithful, investigative professionals in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, or Tampa can help you. No one wants to imagine that the one they love is cheating on them, but unfortunately, it happens to people every day. Even if you have the slightest inkling that something isn’t quite right, seeking the help of FORTIS IEP can allow you to quiet your fears or give you the evidence to confront your partner.

Signs of Infidelity

Psych Central reports that “over the course of your entire relationship, the chances of infidelity may rise to as much as 25 percent.” These chances are increased based on certain aspects of a relationship, such as communication, dedication, support, and more. There are some common signs that you should take note of and inform us about when we take on your infidelity investigations, including:

  • Lack of communication
  • Holding back information about their whereabouts in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or Tampa
  • Disappearing for extended periods of time at odd hours
  • Getting defensive when you ask what they have been doing
  • Unwilling to go to certain places together (for fear that they will run into the “other” individual)
  • Lack of interest in your physical, intimate relationship
  • Unexplained purchases on bank statements
  • Passwords and passcodes on cell phones and laptops
  • Constantly texting/emailing without sharing who they are contacting

All of these need to be taken into context, of course. Just because your spouse, partner, or significant other has a passcode on their iPhone does not necessarily mean they are unfaithful. If however, they have a passcode on their phone, won’t ever let you hold or use the phone, act defensive when you ask who they are texting, and you notice that they keep staying late at work, you may need to consider infidelity investigations to make sure they aren’t cheating. Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa cover a lot of land area, but we are dedicated to uncovering the truth and will pursue the person in question as far as necessary.

Types of Infidelity

Cheating is not limited to physical discretion. Cheating can also be emotional, such as if they are communicating with someone else in Tampa, Clearwater, or St. Petersburg and offering intimacy that mimics that of physical intimacy.  The dictionary defines infidelity as “the act or fact of having a romantic or sexual relationship with someone other than one’s husband, wife, or partner”. More recently, this definition has expanded to include more specific notification of the potential for emotional affairs. However you define it, it means that something is not right with your relationship, and you deserve to sort it out and make things better for yourself. Professional infidelity investigations are the most comprehensive and inclusive way to find out if your significant other is being unfaithful. Private investigators can follow your partner around Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg to record their whereabouts and actions. This will help you determine whether or not you are being deceived.

FORTIS IEP’s Expert Techniques

At FORTIS IEP, we have the background, training, and experience necessary to assist you with your infidelity investigations. Our professionals have been active in executive protection services, bodyguarding, active shooter training, covert operations, and much more for years and have the intel and skill to perform investigative operations. FORTIS IEP is prepared to assist St. Petersburg, Tampa, or Clearwater clients with their infidelity investigation needs, and although we do not guarantee the results of these cases, we do work our hardest and put forth tireless effort to bring you answers. In order to bring you the best results, we need your full cooperation and for you to share the entire story, including all details, with us. This will help guide us in our probing efforts and may help speed up the process.

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If you live in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, or the surrounding areas and have good reason to believe your significant other is being unfaithful, consult FORTIS IEP for infidelity investigations. You deserve to know the truth, and with our help, we may be able to uncover it. For a free consultation or for more information, call us today at (727) 939-3074. Let us help bring you the justice you deserve.