Since the recession, the security industry has seen a boom unlike any other industry. More and more individuals and companies are turning to private security to give them peace of mind in an increasingly hostile world. Tampa may be in the Sunshine State, but the world is not all sunshine and rainbows; it’s dangerous out there, and going alone is not always a wise choice. When you invest in executive protection, you are not paying for a rent-a-cop; you are investing in a peace of mind and being proactive about your personal safety.

Peace of Mind While Abroad

Tampa is in the United States, but what are you doing for security when you travel abroad? Who has access to information like your flight itinerary, what hotels you are staying at, and for how long? Tourism is a multibillion-dollar industry, and the objective is getting people to travel, so organizations may play fast and loose with the truth on how dangerous a place is, or be disingenuous with the crime statistics. No one is saying don’t travel and stay locked up in a bubble, but having executive protection means someone has your back overseas. The world is a dangerous place, what is your peace of mind worth?

Executive Protection: Peace of Mind for Your Family

Many people are moving to Florida, thanks to the absence of state income tax and the abundance of sunshine, and Tampa is a popular place for business-minded people to bring their families. But sadly, it’s not always the executives who are at risk. A disgruntled former employee who knows a home address from a Google search can find your family and be there when you are not. Investing in executive protection will give you and your family peace of mind at night through intelligence gathering, correct handling of sensitive information, and elements of traditional armed security.

Peace of Mind for Your Company

Even as a C-level administrator, you represent your company in more than just an official capacity; you may be the very face of the company. What would happen to Citi’s stocks if Michael Corbat were to be abducted? Whether your business is a small corporation based in Tampa or a large multinational conglomerate, you are usually beholden to shareholders, and an attack on an executive can affect investor faith, as well as stocks. If a company can’t be bothered to protect its executives, how can it be trusted to protect shareholders interests? Invest in executive protection to safeguard your business’s image.

Stay Safe with FORTIS IEP’s Executive Protection

Investing in executive protection in Tampa will bring peace of mind while your employees are traveling, peace of mind for their families, and peace of mind for the company as a whole. There are various levels of service available, so if you want more details from the best in the business, give Fortis IEP a call today at 727-939-3074.