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Smartphone Trade-Ins: a Threat to Personal and Corporate Security?

It’s the time of year when many people in Clearwater are looking at shiny new gadgets and buying new presents. A survey from Blancco Technology Group reports that 68% of mobile phone users are planning to buy a new smartphone this holiday season. You can bet that, come January, many of your employees or co-workers [...]

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3 Things You Get From Elder Abuse Investigations

Your grandparent might live in a retirement facility in Clearwater, or your father may have an in-home caretaker. Whatever the case, if you’re not nearby or able to check in, problems could be afoot. Elder abuse investigations are a burgeoning business because, unfortunately, these negative instances are all too common. Not every circumstance is distressing [...]

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Safeguard Your Assets with Overseas Investigations

Most major banking institutes have overseas investigations units because, while the recession made investing in foreign assets a lucrative business, there is a clear and present danger of fraud. It’s not like buying property in Tampa — if you invest in a person or a company on the other side of the globe, you can’t [...]

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3 Criminal Investigations Services to Consider

Criminal investigations rarely bring positive thoughts to mind, but they can aid you in gathering information to strengthen your case or uncover the truth in Clearwater. It may be frustrating that such services are needed, but we encourage Pinellas County individuals to think twice before trusting a new or recent acquaintance. An Internet search for [...]

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3 Types of Criminal Investigations

If you have reason to suppose that you have been exposed to illegal activity in Clearwater, whether on a personal or work-related basis, you need to act. Criminal investigations are an in-depth, comprehensive way to uncover evidence, facts, and more regarding the misdeeds in question. Read on to learn more about three different types of [...]

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Executive Protection: Your Peace of Mind

Since the recession, the security industry has seen a boom unlike any other industry. More and more individuals and companies are turning to private security to give them peace of mind in an increasingly hostile world. Tampa may be in the Sunshine State, but the world is not all sunshine and rainbows; it’s dangerous out [...]

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3 Signs You Should Invest In Protection Operations

What is protection operations? The answer would most likely be protecting executives, however this is like saying a sandwich is just two pieces of bread; its inaccurate and lacks nuance. No, this specific discipline of security forces encompass much more, and in a dangerous world, the security industry is booming especially in major cities like [...]

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Missing Something? Internal Theft Investigations Can Help

The last thing you want to deal with, as an employer, is employees stealing from your business. You put your trust in their loyalty to you and the company, but some numbers just do not add up behind the scenes. Unfortunately, this scenario is not uncommon. After all, “employee theft accounts for 43% of lost [...]

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Three Reasons You Need Security Consulting Services

The average Tampa resident probably doesn’t believe they have any need for security consulting services. On the contrary, discussing potential threats with a professional who is trained to predict and prevent attacks (whether physical, digital, or otherwise) can be a lifesaver. If you fall into one of the three categories below, call FORTIS IEP to [...]

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Save a Life with Workplace Active Shooter Response Training

According to report data from the FBI, 70 percent of the active shooter situations that occurred between the years 2000 and 2013 took place in commerce, business, or educational environments. With the majority unquestionably transpiring in workplaces all across the United States, the need for active shooter response training is apparent. Tampa is not immune [...]

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